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Established in 1998 by Mike Lewandowski, Mighty Mike's is your one stop tattoo shop. Specializing in custom art, portraits, traditional, and realistic tattoos. With a welcoming family friendly environment, we cater from highschoolers to grandparents and everything in between. Non- judgment, clean tattoos are what we're all about, so we'll see you for your next tattoo!!


I got my first tattoo on Monday, and Matt did an awesome job!! The tattoo is beautiful and he really did his best to make me as comfortable as possible during the process. Thank you so much!

Kelly Cathey

Daniel and the Crew very professional. Just got a new tattoo from Daniel. A True Artist.

Bernie Mahoney



How much does a tattoo cost?

This is probably the most frequently asked questions we get. And it’s impossible to answer with an exact cost. It’s like asking “How much is a bag of groceries?” Or “How long is a piece of string?” How many groceries? And which piece of string are we talking about? … The cost of a tattoo is mostly based on the time involved. It depends on what the image is, how big, and where the tattoo is placed on the body. As well as detail and color saturation required for your tattoo design. An artist may be able to give you an estimate on time, but if it’s an extensive tattoo design most artists won’t know exactly how long it would take. You have to remember, this is art. And quality is immeasurable monetarily.

How long does a tattoo take?

Much like the question “How much does a tattoo cost?” This question is impossible to answer without knowing all factors involved in completing a good tattoo. Such as, what the design is, detail, how big, where on the body, and saturation required for your tattoo design. Each of these factors determines the time involved which in turn dictates the appropriate price as well.

How old do you have to be to get tattooed?

Florida state law requires an individual to be at least 18 years of age to have a tattoo done without consent of a parent or guardian. Click here to download the consent form to print out and bring to the shop. You can also stop by the shop to pick up one. THIS FORM NEEDS TO BE NOTARIZED

Is getting a tattoo safe?

We use the same equipment (autoclave) that a hospital uses to sterilize our equipment. We also use disposable setups for each tattoo. Visit your tattoo artist to insure the instruments are individually wrapped and sterilized.

Is a tattoo permanent?

Yes, but all tattoos will age. Sun, improper healing, and poor health, will affect the final results. How well they age depends on the size, and placement. Older tattoos can be redone and recolored. Unwanted tattoos can be covered with a new tattoo (cover up) or removed (laser).

Can I be allergic to the colors or ink?

It is possible to be allergic to anything, however allergies to the colors or ink is very rare. If you do have allergies, you might want to consult your doctor, for the proper tests and for an explanation.

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